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Charter_Standard_Club (1)

2024 Tournament


Charter_Standard_Club (1)
  1. U7: Each team can register a maximum of 7 players.

Matches are 5 a side, one player of which must be a goalkeeper.

  1. U8: Each team can register a maximum of 7 players.

Matches are 5 a side, one player of which must be a goalkeeper.

U9 – U14: Each team can register a maximum of 8 players.

All matches are six a side, one player of which must be a goalkeeper.

U15: Each team can register a maximum of 7 players.

All matches are five a side, one player of which must be a goalkeeper.

For all age groups, players cannot change teams once registered.

Substitutes may be used on a ‘rolling subs’ basis, with the referee’s permission.

  1. All players must be below the qualifying age on Sept 1st 2023

(i.e. the age group they have been playing during the present season)

  1. Normal FA Laws apply with the exception of:

  1. No Offside.

  2. Opposition to stand 3m away from any free kicks.

  3. Goal kicks to be taken from the goal line either side of the goal.

U7s, U8’s, U9’s & U10’s will take goal kicks from the edge of the penalty area from the side the ball left the field of play and the opposition will move into their half whilst the goal kick is taken.

  1. The goalkeeper must only throw the ball into play to another player. An indirect free kick will be awarded on the edge of the penalty area for contravening this rule.

This rule does not apply to U7s and U8s where goalkeepers may kick the ball out.

  1. No scoring directly from the kick off.

  1. The Goalkeeper can come out of the goal area to kick the ball.

  1. League matches will be 9 minutes one way. Smaller leagues may have an extended match time which will be highlighted on the day.

  1. The “No back pass” rule applies as normal FA rules.

  1. In the event of a colour clash, the first named team will be expected to change/wear bibs.

  1. Teams must be ready to kick off. A team not showing will result in the awarding of 3 points to the opposing team, with the score recorded as 0-0.

  1. The referee’s decision is final.

Any player receiving 2 yellow cards or a red card during the tournament will take no further part in the event. Any player/club official/spectator misconduct will be reported to the County FA.

  1. Results will score 3 points for a win, 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for a Goal- less draw.

  1. If teams are level on points, then league position will be decided in the following manner:

    1. Goal difference

    2. Goals scored

    3. Results between both teams

    4. If teams are still level progression to the next stage will be decided by a penalty shoot-out.

  2. In accordance with the FA directive there will be no semis or finals for U7s and U8s.

  1. Semi-finals and finals will be 7 minutes each half with a minute interval break. If the match is drawn after normal time, it will go to sudden death extra time of 3 minutes each way. The first goal will win the match. If the match is still level, each team will take 3 penalties, followed by sudden death penalties until the winner is decided. A different player must take each penalty, using only the players on the pitch at the end of extra time (including the goalkeeper).

  1. Spectators and Managers will be expected to:

  • Set a good example and encourage good sportsmanship

  • Never use foul and abusive language

  • Respect the decisions of the match officials

  1. In the unlikely event that the tournament organisers declare the tournament abandoned or shortened due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances then the decision of the tournament organisers will be final. No refunds will be payable.

  2. The tournament organisers have the right to ask any person to leave the ground if they fail to follow these rules.