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Our Club is managed by a “Management Committee” which is made up of a Manager from each age group together with the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who are appointed at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, we have a club official dedicated to ensuring we provide First Aid to the highest possible standards and a Club Welfare Officer, who is responsible for all player health and safety, as required by the FA.


Michael Cattle

07523 885904

Vice Chairman (Minis + U6 – U10)

Dan Neale

07938 010002

Vice Chairman (U11 – U12 + Girls groups + Pan Disability)

Craig Moore

07799 445101

Vice Chairman (U13 – U16 groups)

Sean Walsh

07584 562467

Covid Officer

Colin Dumbarton

07563 551246

League Secretary

Thomas Stumpp

07768 327441


Jason Middleton

07767 112684

Child Welfare Officer

Mark Swanston

07769 252044

Assistant Child Welfare Officer

Wayne Lawley

07885 694332

Assistant Child Welfare Officer

Gina Barry

07525 046261

Online Registration Administrator

Michelle Lane

07768 501212

Tournament Director

Micky Baxter

07984 325168

Website Administrator

Ben Arnold

077107 06121 

Development Officer

Sean Walsh

07584 562467

Special Projects & Fund Raising

Andy Quigley

07775 667800

Social Media Administrator

Julie Baxter

07375 494824