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07808 916397
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Risborough Rangers coach girls and boys of ALL footballing abilities so if your child has never played but wants to come and have a go they will be made very welcome.  Players benefit from qualified instruction using the latest soccer methodologies, regulated by The FA and they will also learn individual skills and personal development as well as collective team development.

Football is about having fun and enjoying regular exercise. Helping players develop will also help to build self-confidence. We as coaches believe that everyone can benefit from playing the game and making new friends so come along on Saturday mornings and see what it’s all about.


Ball Control

Using Different Surfaces



Understanding Pressure


Making Space

Foot Skills


Decision Making

Gaining Confidence

Learning New Skills


Making & Learning Mistakes




Movement On/Off The Ball




Turning & Running With The Ball





Applauding & Encouraging Others


Offering Help & Advice

Making New Friends

Behavior & Enjoyment

Smiles 🙂


Coaching Philosophy

For our players to enjoy, win, lose and play football together as a team, and to be as inclusive as possible within a competitive environment.

Our aim is to ask the players to try and be comfortable on the ball, with keeping possession in mind, so that the team can build their play from one end of the pitch to another. I ask my players to try and be creative on the ball and to try and show a desire to regain possession as soon as possible.  As a coach I aim to try and help players explore the options and decisions available to them in certain situations rather than have a black and white approach of this is how you do it, and this is how you don’t do it.

New Players

We are always on the lookout for new players to come and join, so if your child has a healthy interest in playing football and having fun then please feel free to come and have taster session prior to joining our great club.

What to wear/bring

Players should wear suitable shirts, shorts, socks and football boots on training days with warm clothing depending on weather conditions. Players are expected to wear studded boots. SHIN PADS are compulsory. Please also bring a soft drink.


Training is held every Saturday morning starting at 9:30am sharp either at Peter’s Lane or PR Top School. Click here for directions. We aim to finish at around 11am. Over the winter months we will train at Stoke Mandeville School Astro Turf.


As an U14 age group we play league matches most Sunday’s.  There will also be occasional cup games to play, also on Sunday’s.  We have 3 teams entered into the Wycombe and South Bucks Minor Football League (WSBMFL) and this season will be our first at 11 a side. 

Our 1st team (Rangers) recently merged with Haddenham and will play in the 1st Division, our Colts team won their league last season and will play in Division 3.  Our third team (Youth) play in Division 5. 

Home matches will be played in the main (but not exclusively) at Peter’s Lane or PR Top School. 

The reason for having 3 teams is to allow as many of our players as possible to enjoy match football, and whilst the Rangers league provides a stimulating challenge for players who are forging ahead, the Colts and Youth league teams provide an excellent competitive environment for players who are developing and improving as footballers.  Having this split allows players to develop at different rates within a level that works for them and most importantly we want them to enjoy the game.

We aim to give our players, confidence, strength, fitness and above all to have fun.

Please get in contact if you would like to bring your child down to a training session.

Important Note to Parents

Any player that has a medical condition such as asthma must bring their own personnel medication to all training/matches and have it within easy access at all times.


From time to time, usually at the end of the season, we will be invited to play in football tournaments across the local area. Selection for these tournaments is at the discretion of the manager but is largely on a rotational basis and depends on how many teams we are allowed to enter. Fees are usually between £4-£5 per player and tournaments usually involve between 4 to 5 short 8 to 10 minute matches.